• Fauna of Moravia Moravian Museum – Bishop's Courtyard

  • Wedding as a belt (all about weddings from the end of the 19th century to lady Diana) Summerhouse Mitrovský

    The exhibition focuses on almost all areas of wedding themes from the end of the 19th century to the most watched weddings in the world so far - lady Diana and Prince Charles, as well as their sons William and Harry. There will be beautiful dresses of ten decades, period veils, hats, gloves, shoes, wedding bouquets, but also 2 wedding receptions - one from the Art Nouveau period, the other in retro style from the 70s. Of course, we will present dozens of photographs, announcements, telegrams, menus, etc. Visitors can look forward to a large collection of wedding dresses and accessories documenting the changes in wedding fashion between 1890 and 1990. Collector Zdeňka Mudráková from Zlín presents more than 40 unique wedding originals from her collection. She also added women's formal dresses for mothers and witnesses, bridesmaid dresses and, of course, various men's suits.

  • Extinct life in Moravia Moravian Museum – Dietrichstein Palace

  • Chapel of the Purification of the Virgin Mary  Moravian Museum – Palace of Noble Ladies

  • On the Origin of Man and his Culture Moravian Museum –Anthropos Pavilion

  • Life and work of Leoš Janáček Moravian Museum – Leoš Janáček Memorial

  • Accompanying program  Summerhouse Mitrovský

    18:15 and 18:45 = The hat club will present Dantes wedding hats (shows with interpretation); 19:30, 20:30, 21:30, 22:30: From the history of the summer house (short tours with an explanation).

  • Celts, Brno and the Stars Moravian Museum – Dietrichstein Palace

  • Aquarium with fresh water fishes Moravian Museum – Bishop's Courtyard

  • Fresco hall  Summerhouse Mitrovský

    from the end of the 18th century with a unique painting with exotic motifs and hidden symbols of Freemasons.

  • Prehistory of Moravia Moravian Museum – Dietrichstein Palace

  • Mendelianum – attractive world of genetics Moravian Museum – Mendelianum

  • Silver and Golden Bohemian-Moravian Highlands Moravian Museum – Dietrichstein Palace

  • A Place where Time Transforms into Joy 
  • Mini workshops

    Two mini-workshops will be held within the open-doors event: you can manufacture a fused glass picture to the window of or a porcelain magnet and a jewerly.Mini-workshops start at 5:30, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 and 8:30 pm

  • Art of Puppetry Moravian Museum – Palace of Noble Ladies

  • The Battle of the Three Emperors. Slavkov / Austerlitz 1805

    - permanent exhibition

  • Traditional culture in Moravia in the mirror of time Moravian Museum – Palace of Noble Ladies

  • Óóó, Indians Moravian Museum –Anthropos Pavilion

  • Great Moravia Moravian Museum – Dietrichstein Palace

  • Central European Crossing: Moravia in the 20th century Moravian Museum – Dietrichstein Palace

  • World of Minerals Moravian Museum – Dietrichstein Palace

  • "Austerlitz" Phenomen

    - permanent exhibition

  • Prof. Karel Absolon Memorial Moravian Museum – Dietrichstein Palace

  • Moravia in the Middle Ages Moravian Museum – Dietrichstein Palace

  • 16:00—21:00 Gaming on screen: Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Nintendo Sports ART Cinema

    Café Art.

  • 16:00—21:00 BBQ  ART Cinema

     Kino Art in Brno has been screening films for over 100 years. The heart of this cinema remains forever young, which is also confirmed by this year’s Museum Night. You can look forward to a combined film and video-game programme for both adults and kids. You can also greet the summer season in the Café Art garden with a proper BBQ. So take some comfy clothes and come over for a late lunch, dinner and film.

  • 16:00—20:00 Game tasting: In the Raven Shadow ART Cinema

    A small screening hall.

    We will take a look at a half-forgotten jewel of the Czechoslovak video game scene from the late 90s on the cinema screen at Art Cinema. In the Raven Shadow is a classic adventure game from Slovak developers Rainbow Rhino and Czech publisher Cinemax. Come play with us to the small screening hall and have with the very unusual story of the former monk Severín.

  • 17:00—20:00 Sigrún Hardarðottír: Permutation(s) ​​​​​​​Vašulka Kitchen Brno

    Exhibition open during the Brno Museum Night​​​​​Sigrún Hardarðottír has long worked with the theme of Gaia and the affinity between human expression and natural forces.  In the exhibition project Permutation(s) the artist has prepared a multimedia installation connecting Icelandic nature and a survey of Brno and its surrounding forests (Holedná in Jundrov or Soběšice) realized in the autumn of 2023. Permutation(s) is an interactive multimedia installation conceived as a conversation precisely between these two contrasting worlds — on the one hand Brno, a busy Central European historical city nestled in the heart of South Moravia, a land lush with vegetation home to diverse flora and fauna and on the other hand Iceland, a land of volcanos, ocean waters, geisers and waterfalls significantly more barren. The installation poses a series of questions and thematizes subjective experiences of reality in confrontation with commonly presumed facts of understanding landscape, nature, and technology. 

  • 17:00—20:00 Špela Petrič: PL'AI ​​​​​​​Vašulka Kitchen Brno

    As part of Brno Museum Night, Vasulka Kitchen Brno has prepared a curated program in collaboration with artist Špela Petrič.  The artist, whose intermedia work explores the relationships between plants or other living organisms and technology, will present the PL'AI project. It is a site-specific installation in the form of a three-channel video projection, which will be on display in the Vasulka Kitchen Brno only during Brno Museum Night. The program will include the opening and presentation of the PL'AI installation at 5 PM, in which Špela Petrič will present her research and the PLANT-MACHINE project.

    PL'AI is part of the PLANT-MACHINE opus and works with the notion of play as an ontological condition for all living bodies, including plants. The project represents a several-month-long process in which interacted growing plants and a robot with artificial intelligence, whose perception of the world was limited to them. Their interactions, referring to a game that transcends the human understanding of time, provide insights into artificial intelligence and how it can be shaped by the plant, and in turn, highlight the morphology of the plant marked by the robot's interventions. 

    Špela Petrič works with new media and natural sciences. Her artistic practice connects biomedia and its performativity, exploring the relationships between bodies that reveal the foundations of our (bio)technological societies and proposing alternatives for their possible coexistence. She has received several awards, including the White Aphroid (Slovenia), the Bioart and Design Award (Netherlands) and the Award of Distinction at the Prix Ars Electronica (Austria). 

  • 18.00—19.00 Milan Kozelka: On the Road House of the Lords of Kunštát

    Milan Kozelka
    On the Road
    11. 5. 2022 – 19. 6. 2022
    House of the Lords of Kunštát

    Curator: Vladimír Havlík, Pavlína Morganová, Jana Písaříková

    The artist and author Milan Kozelka (1948‒2014) left an indelible mark on Czech art, mainly in the 1980s and 90s. In the 1960s he devoted himself to poetry and his poems are today placed in the context of the Czech beatnik movement. From the 1970s Kozelka became involved in action art. He drew attention to himself primarily through the series Contacts, which he created at the beginning of the 1980s in the Bohemian Forest. His extreme body actions (during one of them he suspended himself in the white water of the Hamerský stream) are an important contribution to the history of Czech body art. In the 1970s and 80s he simultaneously developed his visual art creations in the form of conceptual drawings or land-art installations. Kozelka always followed current events and his restlessness drove him to more actions, often of a political nature.

    The preparation and organisation of Milan Kozelka's exhibition, which will provide a broad evaluation of his versatile, remarkably authentic and simultaneously contradictory work, has been a joint project of several galleries (Brno House of Arts, Gallery of Fine Arts in Cheb and Ústí nad Labem House of Arts). The exhibition is accompanied by the monographic publication Svázáno do Kozelky (which might loosely translate as Tied Limbs) by the Větrné mlýny publishers. It shows for the first time Milan Kozelka and his work in its entirety as a multimedia and conceptual artist, performer, poet, prose writer and initiator of diverse activities. The presentation at the House of the Lords of Kunštát will be unique in making public documentation of some of the previously unknown body-art and land-art works alongside other documents preserved in the archive of Kozelka’s friend and collector Vladimír Meistr. In addition, it will highlight the political and environmental aspect of Kozelka's work. The example of this multifaceted personality can be used to reveal the totalitarian period in all its complexity and ambiguity and show the defiance and fragility of an individual facing the power pressures of society.

  • 18.00—24.00 CURRENT EXHIBITIONS: The History and Culture of the Blind Technical Museum in Brno

    Another display, this one part of the Culture of the Blind exhibition, is called "The History and Culture of the Blind", which we are organising to mark this year's 77th anniversary of the founding of Day of the Blind in the former Czechoslovakia. The objects, documents, and photographs on display show visitors how blind people were educated, how they worked, and how they spent their free time.

  • 18.00—24.00 / Encrypting samples for the exhibition "ENIGMA - the secret world of ciphers"/ Photographs on a motorcycle at the "Brno on Two Wheels" exhibition, dedicated to the Czechoslovak Grand Prix / Technical Playroom / Striking medals /World Under the Microscope/ / Technical Museum in Brno

    At the Museum - inside

  • 18.00—24.00 The Historic Stereoscope, the predecessor of cinema, is the only original from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries still in operation in the Czech Republic – screenings take place at the designated times (to be determined before the event according to the technical condition of the panorama) /Nordic countries – Norway, Sweden, Denmark Technical Museum in Brno

    At the Museum - inside

  • 18.00–24.00 CURRENT EXHIBITIONS: The Motorcycle over Time Technical Museum in Brno

    "The Motorcycle over Time" exhibition presents the motorcycle as a phenomenon whose use and importance have changed over time: from a modern invention that was inaccessible to the general public and was initially perceived as an object of entertainment or pastime for the chosen ones, to a useful helper and a "cheaper" (more accessible) mode of transport for the public.
  • 18:00—23:59 Anton Pilgram Exhibition Old Townhall Lookout Tower

  • 18:00—20:00 Music and art workshop (not only) for children Moravian Museum – Leoš Janáček Memorial

  • 18:00—22:00 Mendelˋs art workshop Mendel Museum of Masaryk University

  • 18:00—23:30 Projection of the documentary  Expedition Rembaranka 1969 having been awarded a prize at the  MUSAION  festival Moravian Museum –Anthropos Pavilion

  • 18:00—23:30 Book presentation  Moravian Museum – Palace of Noble Ladies

    family programme for the deaf in the permanent exhibition Art of Puppetry

  • 18:00—22:00 Plants gender Mendel Museum of Masaryk University

    How do we recognize male and female plants? Can it be both? And how is it determined genetically? Problems that Gregor Mendel also had to deal with

  • 18:00—22:00 Humble genius Gregor Mendel Mendel Museum of Masaryk University

    What is a curent? And is it possible to research without today's conveniences? Learn about the life and work of G. J. Mendel

  • 18:00—22:00 Open courtyard Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Pražák palace 

    music, refreshments and art activities in support of Ukraine

  • 18:00—23:59 Tower Lookout Old Townhall Lookout Tower

  • 18:00—23:30 Concert of the trio ConTRIOlogy on the borderland between classical music, jazz and improvisation Moravian Museum – Leoš Janáček Memorial

  • 18:00—23:00 ART IS HERE: Modern art  Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Pražák palace 

    guided tour with Petr Ingerle

  • 18:00—23:00 The story of the Roma The Museum of Romani Culture

  • 18:00—20:00 Artothek Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Pražák palace 

    artworks on loan / Artfroggie workshop in the library with Dominika Halvová

  • 18:00—23:00 Open-air Exhibits VIDA! science centrum

    Playful exhibits under the blue sky. Enjoy a heliograf, pressure fountain, acoustic ears or light prism. And with a beautiful view of the pavilions of the Brno Trade Fair.

  • 18:00—23:30 ART IS HERE: New art  Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Pražák palace 

    guided tour

  • 18:00—23:00 Impressions of Journeys The Museum of Romani Culture

  • 18:00—24:00 CURRENT EXHIBITIONS: ENIGMA – the secret world of ciphers Technical Museum in Brno

    Come to the Technical Museum in Brno to visit a quite unique exhibition - "ENIGMA – the secret world of ciphers", which displays the legendary ENIGMA M3 cipher machine in the Czech Republic for the very first time. The exhibition has been borrowed from the Slovak Technical Museum, which acquired the machine in 2020. It is an extremely rare and unique exhibit of which there are only a few dozen preserved originals in Europe. Several modifications of the ENIGMA device were used, mainly by German armed forces before the outbreak and during the Second World War, in which it played an important role, paradoxically on both sides of the conflict. The machine was able to create more than 100 million combinations, which is why the German army considered encryption using this device to be unbreakable. The exhibition tells the fascinating story of ENIGMA itself and offers a look into the history of cryptology and how it is reflected in the life of ordinary people.

  • 18:00—23:00 Tours with guide (in czech)  Regional Authority of the South Moravian Region

    representative rooms / view from the roof (in case of nice weather)

    What can you look forward to?

    • Cultural programme in the entrance hall of the building (eg. Brno Academic Choir or Brno Dance Conservatory)        Presentation of contributory organizations
    • Programme for children       
    • Refreshment on the yard of the Regional Authority
    • South Moravian wine Photopoint
  • 18:00—24:00 Jan Rajlich jr. - artist's posters 2018-2023

    The foyer of the Scala University Cinema offers carefully curated exhibitions of posters from the Terry Posters Gallery , which change at regular intervals. The current exhibition was prepared by the Brno Biennale Association as the 81st exhibition of the cycle Brno - the capital of graphic design.Organizers: SBB / Sdružení Bienále Brno/Brno Biennale Association, Terry's Posters Gallery Prague, University Cinema Scala BrnoThe exhibition is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the International Council of Design ICoD, of which SBB / Brno Biennale Association is the only Czech member.
    In addition to 24 offset posters by Jan Rajlich Jr. from the last 5 years (2018–2023), the exhibition also includes graphic greetings/postcards by 15 Czech and Slovak members of the SBB for the 60th anniversary of the ICoD (the day of the establishment of the ICoD, which was established on 4/27/1963 in London under the name Icograda, is celebrated as International Design Day).
    Catalogue of the exhibition: http://sbb-bienale-brno.cz/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/JanRajlich-Scala-2023-Katalog-fin-wr.pdfAbout the artist: Jan Rajlich jr. (born June 10, 1950 in Vyškov) although he has lived in Brno practically his entire life, the current exhibition is his first solo poster exhibition in Brno. Recently, his posters could only be seen in Brno at a joint exhibition with his father, Jan Rajlich sr. in HaDivadlo (2010) and in the so-called intervention in the exhibition of the Moravian Gallery in Brno together with his older oil paintings and drawings (2020).Jan Rajlich jr. exhibited posters, graphic design, serigraphy, drawings and paintings at 38 solo exhibitions at home and abroad (Ahmedabad, Bratislava, Emmerich, Fort Collins, Kharkiv, Moscow, Olomouc, Osaka, Prague, Warsaw, Vienna, Vyškov, Zlín , Žilina etc.) and at 170 domestic and 230 foreign collective exhibitions. He is a laureate of the City of Brno Prize (2001).
    Jan Rajlich jr. is an architect by education, but from the beginning of his professional career, in addition to a 7-year intermezzo in interior architecture (State Project Institute of Commerce), he tended to draw and paint and at the same time engaged in graphic design, which gained a dominant position in his work. He also taught at the Brno "Šuřka" art school from 1983 and from the 1990s to the present day at the Department of Industrial Design FSI BUT Brno. In the last 20 years, Rajlich's art work is dominated by poster art, in which he makes use of his lifelong experience with drawing, writing and also with computer graphics, of which he was one of the pioneers in our country (since 1987).
    The exhibited posters were mostly created as the artist's responses to various international calls for current cultural and social issues.​Motives from posters and drawings by Jan Rajlich jr. on T-shirts, etc. - https://janrajlich.t-shock.eu/cs/
    About SBB: SBB / Sdružení Bienále Brno/Brno Biennale Association was founded in 1991 by Jan Rajlich sr. as a civic association to support the International Graphic Design Biennale in Brno. SBB soon transformed into a professional association that, among other things, organizes events, organizes exhibitions, publishes publications, etc. At present, SBB has 51 members in Czechia and Slovakia, and proudly claims its honorary members, 59 prominent graphic designers from 29 countries. SBB is a member of the International Council of Design ICoD (currently headquartered in Montreal, Canada). Jan Rajlich jr. was elected chairman of SBB in 1999 and is still the chairman today...The exhibition Jan Rajlich jr. - artist's posters 2018-2023 will last until 6/30/2023.

  • 18:00—24:00 Mohyla míru: from foundation stone to famous excursion spot 1910-1938 

    Demonstration of equipment and armament of the Czechoslovak army of the First Republic, demonstration of equipment and armament of the Austro-Hungarian army
    Demonstration of Czechoslovak Legionnaires' equipment
    Fashion show 1910 - 1938​​​​​​​
    Reproduced music
    Mail from the Czechoslovak First Republic
    Tasting of period specialities
    Shooting range
    ​​​​​​​+ Refreshments in the museum café

  • 18:00—23:00 VIDA! Exhibition VIDA! science centrum

    Explore more than 180 interactive exhibits spread across nearly 6,200 square metres and gain a better understanding of the world around us.

  • 18:00—23:15 L-13 Blaník Glider – take a seat in a legend  Technical Museum in Brno

    Outdoor Complex near the Aircraft 

  • 18:00—24:00 Permanent exhibitions: Careful. Bend! – Cars from the Era of Real Socialism, Historic Vehicles, Brno on Two Wheels, Optics, Computer Technology, Communication Technology, Historic Stereoscope, Cutlery, Metal Casting, Iron Metallurgy, Culture of the Blind, Lane of Crafts, Mechanical Music Parlour, Tower Clockwork, Technical Playroom Technical Museum in Brno

  • 18:00—23:30 Playful knowledge quizz with prizes in the permanent exhibition World of Minerals Moravian Museum – Dietrichstein Palace

  • 18:00—23:15 Quizzes about motorcycles and the history of the Grand Prix    Technical Museum in Brno

    Outdoor Complex near the Aircraft 

  • 18:00—23:30 Presentation of a Norton racing motorcycle, winner of the Czechoslovak Grand Prix in 1961/  Amazing Theatre of Physics  – how engines work, examples of small explosions, the principle of compression ignition and positive ignition engines Technical Museum in Brno

    Outdoor Complex near the Aircraft 

  • 18:00—24:00 The foster care in South Moravian Region Regional Authority of the South Moravian Region

  • 18:00—23:45 Motorcycle simulators / Climbing wall / Bungee running  Technical Museum in Brno

    We will again be actively involving visitors in Museum Night. Visitors can stop at our stands, which will this year focus on motorcycles and everything around them, competitive racing included. We will also be looking back to the glorious years of the Czechoslovak Grand Prix, and more.
    We would also like to display, in our outdoor area next to the aircraft: The winning motorcycle from GRAND PRIX 1961.We would also like to enhance cross-border cooperation. We have been promised participation from neighbouring Austria, from where they will bring and demonstrate the Norton motorcycle on which Austrian racer Rudi Talhammer won the Czechoslovak Grand Prix in 1961. The Brno circuit also has ties to the Norton make: the first ever motorcycle race there, in 1951, was won by our very own Antonín Vitvar on this make of bike. We will also remember other important Czech riders at the event: František Št'astný, Čada, and others.
    In the event of rain, the outdoor programme by the aircraft will be limited for technical reasons.
    Change of programme reserved.
    Visitors can use special bus line A to transport themselves to and from the Technical Museum in Brno. The bus departs the "Česká" stop and stops at "Klusáčkova" and "Skácelova". There will also be links in buses from the collections of the Technical Museum in Brno.
  • 18:00—23:00 Ossuary at the Church of St. James Brno Underground

    Jakubské náměstí (St. James’ Square)

    Open 18:00–23:00 (last tour at 22:30)

    Discounts on entrance fee of 20%.
    Tours take place every 30 minutes; admission for guided tours only. Maximum of 20 people per tour.

    The second biggest ossuary in Europe, right after the Paris Catacombs, with the skeletal remains of over 50,000 dead.


    The exhibition "People and Money" in Brno, created in partnership with the Moravian Museum, is situated in the building of the former Hypoteční banka Markrabství moravského and the current Czech National Bank. It offers a unique insight into the history of money and presents a comprehensive evolution of currency in the Czech Lands with a focus on the specificities of this phenomenon in Moravia. Visitors can see documents illustrating the history of monetary policy, along with media of exchange, counterfeits and examples of money protection past and present. 

  • 18:00—23:00 Beauty in Glass & Metal CZECH NATIONAL BANK - CNB VISITOR CENTRE IN BRNO

    The exhibition "Beauty in Glass and Metal" presents the work of one of the most important designers of Czechoslovak and Czech coins, Jiří Harcuba (1928-2013). Visitors can admire the life's work of this highly respected glass artist, sculptor and medallist, as represented by several dozen sculptural and glass exhibits. Jiří Harcuba is also known for designing the five crown coin.

  • 18:00—22:00 Exposition of current and historical ZETOR tractors

  • 18:00—22:00 Make Vrky Models, Not War

    Exhibition of wooden models by Mr. Martin Navrkal

  • 18:00—22:00 Pedal tractors and slalom track for the youngest visitors, fun quizzes, creative stands

  • 18:00—23:00 Labyrinth under Vegetable Market Brno Underground

    Zelný trh 21 (Vegetable Market 21)

    Discounts on entrance fee of 20%.
    Open 18:00–23:00 (last tour at 22:00)

    Tours take place every 30 minutes; admission for guided tours only. Maximum of 25 people per tour.

    An almost kilometre-long labyrinth of medieval passageways and cellars

  • 18:00—23:00 Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and the Second Czechoslovak Resistance (1939 – 1945) Kounic Residence Hall

  • 18:00—22:00 The city Tišnov in historical moments. 

    18:00 a 22:00 – Guided tour of Müller's house – The history of the house will be accompanied by Eleonora Müllerová, the wife of mayor František Müller, in period clothing.

     18:30 – 22:00 – Tišnov – from the first letter – This year's museum night will be aimed at the anniversary of 790 years since the first written mention of Tišnov, which is contained in the foundation document of the Cistercian monastery Porta Coeli. For families with children, an encryption game based on the history of Tišnov will be prepared. The guide of the game and the journey to the past will be the Tišnov lion (the city's heraldic animal).

  • 18:00—21:30 Zoo - Quo vadis? Virtual expedition of the Brno Zoo

    PROGRAM: every 30 min: Kam kráčí zoo? (Zoo - Quo vadis?) talk with discussion in CZ 

    During the talk will be mentioned the historic context of animal care through historic photographs. Then we will look to the present and future with methods of positive animal training, for example veterinary training of polar bear from Germany. Then the whole group will watch one of movies in virtual reality. 

    According to low capacity of exposition we recommend reservation through our web or personally before talk. We are looking forward to see you! 

  • 18:00—23:30 Playful knowledge quizz with prizes in the permanent exhibition Fauna of Moravia Moravian Museum – Bishop's Courtyard

  • 18:00—23:00 Cellar beneath the New Town hall Brno Underground

    Dominikánské náměstí 1

    Sleva 20 % na vstupné
    Otevřeno 18.00–23.00  - poslední vstup ve 22.15

    Prohlídky probíhají průběžně bez průvodce, maximálně 100 návštěvníků za hodinu.

    Sklep plný brněnských pověstí.

  • 18:00—22:00 Library Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Pražák palace 

    browsing through interesting publications on art

  • 18:00—24:00 CURRENT EXHIBITIONS: Tickets Please! Technical Museum in Brno

    We also have model trains at the museum as part of the "Tickets Please!" exhibition. This collection of railway and tram models from the second half of the 20th century was assembled by Lubomír Kysela. The exhibition will include an extensive children's play corner with a wooden railway for the youngest children and a functioning track with a railway station.

  • 18:00—23:30 Ciphering Game Art Is Here! Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Pražák palace 

    more information at the box office

  • 18:00—23:00 COFFEE VIDA! science centrum

  • 18:00—18:30 Tour with Robocat Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Pražák palace 

    our Robocat will guide you through the permanent exhibition ART IS HERE; meeting on the 1st floor at the chute

  • 18:00—23:00 The historic post car of the Czech Post Train Post Museum

    PERMANENT EXHIBITION: The historic post car of the Česká Pošta, s.p. , type Postmw,1985

    CURRENT EXHIBITION: History of the Train Post Office, 1838 - 2024.

    PROGRAMME- Tours of an authentic interior made in the style of a common working day of the Train Post Office crew in 1989.

  • 18:00—22:40 Tours

    Entry in groups of maximum 50 people every 20 minutes. Last entry 22:40

    In the exhibitions, visitors will see an overview of all systems that form the human body, sorted by organ systems. The museum is part of the Department of Anatomy, and it has an educational contribution for medical students and experts from clinical practice. One of the curiosity is a copy of the skeleton of the "Moravian giant" Josef Drásal, who reached a height of 242 cm.

    Free entry.

    No photography allowed. 

    No suitable for kids and sensitive natures. 

  • 18:00 Presentation of a short film documentary at every full hour Kounic Residence Hall

    • Occupation of the Czech territory by Nazi Germany on March 15, 1939
    • Closure of Czech universities on the territory of the Protectorate on 17 November 1939
  • 18:00—24:00 Free tour New Town Hall

    Free tour of the Assembly Hall, Knights' Hall and the newly reconstructed Hall of the City of Brno's Council with Baroque murals dating probably from 1728–1729.

    ​​​​​​​ADMISSION: free
    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Last entry at 23.30

  • 18:00—24:00 Tours Brno Philharmonic

    tours for groups of 40 people start at every quarter of an hour.

    During the almost hour-long tour visitors will pass through the backstage of Besední dům, listen to two short concerts and learn about new educational programmes for children and adults. The role of their guides will be taken by the management of the Brno Philharmonic: director, deputy director, art director, managers of the concert dept. and press officer. 

  • 18:20—18:45 Guided tour of the exhibition

    Jan Rajlich jr. will present a guided tour of the Jan Rajlich jr. - artist's posters 2018-2023 exhibition and he will answer questions.

  • 18:30  Tour with Robocat  Moravian Gallery in Brno –  Pražák palace 

    our Robocat will guide you through the permanent exhibition ART IS HERE; meeting on the 1st floor at the chute

  • 18:30 Guided tour  New Town Hall

    Guided tour with the head of the Brno City Archive, PhDr. Libor Blažek

  • 18:30—19:10 Na křídlech ptáků VIDA! science centrum

    3D film. Only in Czech.

  • 19:00—20:00 Guided tour through the permanent exhibition Moravian Museum – Mendelianum

  • 19:00—20:00 Alberto Novello: Laser Drawing / laser projection controlled by modular synthesizers in the park behind the House of Arts House of Arts Brno

  • 19:30 Guided tour  New Town Hall

    Guided tour with the head of the Brno City Archive, PhDr. Libor Blažek

  • 19:30—20:00 The guided tour of the exhibition Impressions of Journeys  The Museum of Romani Culture

    Guided tour of the current exhibition of black and white photographs Impressions of Journeys. Photographs by Claude and Marie-José Carret (curated selection of photographs by the French artist duo. Unique photographs from the life of European Roma, diaries of the life of Roma families - traditions, crafts, festive and everyday moments).

  • 20:00—20:40 Detonátor / science show VIDA! science centrum

    The science show is available in Czech only.

  • 21:00—Římské náměstí/Židovský plácek Museum Night on the Jewish Square Jewish Museum, Brno

    What did the medieval ghetto look like, where the former large synagogues stood and why do we not have any historical Jewish monuments in Brno? The Brno branch of the Jewish Museum in Prague, together with the Jewish Culture Centre ŠTETL, has prepared a screening and a lecture focused on the history of the Brno Jewish community, which will take place right in the former heart of the medieval scene, on today's Roman Square. The lecture starts at 21:00 and 22:00.
  • 21:00—22:00 Projection of the film Johann Gregor Mendel - permanent challenge Moravian Museum – Mendelianum

  • 21:00—Římské náměstí/Židovský plácek Museum Night on the Jewish Square Jewish Museum, Brno

    What did the medieval ghetto look like, where the former large synagogues stood and why do we not have any historical Jewish monuments in Brno? The Brno branch of the Jewish Museum in Prague, together with the Jewish Culture Centre ŠTETL, has prepared a screening and a lecture focused on the history of the Brno Jewish community, which will take place right in the former heart of the medieval scene, on today's Roman Square. The lecture starts at 21:00 and 22:00.
  • 21:30—22:10 Na křídlech ptáků  VIDA! science centrum

    3D film. Only in Czech.

  • 22:00—23:00 Exceptional visit of the private chapel in the Bishop´s Court Moravian Museum – Mendelianum

  • 18.00–21.30  Motorcycle races for kids  Technical Museum in Brno

    Outdoor Complex near the Aircraft 

  • 18.00–23.15 Technical Museum in Brno

    Outdoor Complex near the Aircraft